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  • Earn the Certified Toughness Coach (CTC) credential Improve your ability to coach YOUR sport & improve your knowledge to:
    - Improve your ability to teach Poise Under Pressure
    - Understand the keys to coach Big Game Confidence
    - Develop the keys to Performance Consistency
    - Improve Focus, Intensity & Elite Practice Habits for your athletes
    - Learn new ways to Develop a Mental Skills & Toughness Training Plan of Action
    - Enhance your ability to teach key Leadership Skills & develop a GREAT Team First Culture
    - Improve the Integrity, Work Ethic, Communication, & No-Excuse Mentality of your athletes Earn the credential and add the letters CTC - Icebox Certified Toughness Coach after YOUR name!
    The Certified Toughness Coach is a certification program that you can ACTUALLY USE with your team and in your career!
    Learn at YOUR OWN PACE with the easy-to-follow on-line video based program
The CTC – Level 1 course typically takes 8-12 hours to complete, but some of the faster learners may be able to complete the course in as little as 6 hours.
Yes, upon successful completion of all of the quizzes, a certificate will be available for download that can be printed and proudly displayed on your office wall or desk!
To be safe, you should always first check with the association or board that is connected to your other certificate or other credentials. The Icebox Certified Toughness Coach is an existing course offering for university credit at an accredited university in the United States (Bluefield University). University courses at accredited universities must pass rigorous standards of excellence and 3rd party committee approval, and thus Accredited University approval is an important attestation of the quality of the course, the course’s academic rigor and excellence, and thus the potential suitability for CEU or CPU credits. However, once again, should you wish to also obtain CEU/CPU credits by taking the CTC certification, it is prudent to first check with your local education authority or the association that is connected to your other certification.
It is simple to get started. After purchasing the course, you will be given an opportunity to download the first section of the Mental Toughness videos. A short quiz will then test your knowledge. A 7 out of 10 will give you a passing score and access to the next section. After completing all 4 sections and all 4 quizzes, you will have completed the course. If you do not pass one of the quizzes, do not worry; mistakes happen! Just review the areas that you missed the first time and continue to take the quiz until you pass. Remember that the learning process should be fun, so strive to enjoy the learning process! Also remember that all of the learning videos will be downloaded to your computer, tablet, or other device, but when you are ready to take a quiz, you will once again need internet access throughout the quiz.
In order to keep any type of knowledge current, many certifications require certification renewal at some point and the renewal process usually involves a process of continuing education. At this time, the Certified Toughness Coach – Level 1 credential lasts for 4 years*. At the end of the 4th year, you may renew your certification by paying your renewal fee (currently $49*). As part of this renewal fee, the Level 2 Certified Toughness Coach materials will be available for download. At this time, no testing or quizzes will need to be completed as part of the CTC - Level 2 certification*. After reviewing these new Level 2 materials, you have earned the Icebox Certified Toughness Coach – Level 2 credential!
  • Improve the Work Ethic, Communication & No-Excuse Mentality of Your Athletes.
  • Develop a GREAT Team-First Culture.
  • Teach the keys to Big Game Confidence.
  • Develop the keys to Performance Consistency.
  • Learn New Ways to Develop a Mental Toughness, Leadership Training, & Character Development Plan of Action.
  • Improve the Focus, Intensity & Elite Practice Habits of your Athletes.
  • Earn the credential and add the letters CTC”. Icebox Certified Toughness Coach after YOUR name!
  • The Certified Toughness Coach is a certification program that you can ACTUALLY USE with your team and in your career!

Disclaimer: Please note that the Icebox Mental Skills and Toughness Training Coach Certification DOES NOT qualify an individual to diagnose or treat mental health related concerns, nor does the certification allow an individual to call themselves a licensed or certified sport psychologist or mental skills trainer. The certification is designed to simply assist sport coaches to coach with greater knowledge of sports-related mental skills. The certification is designed to assist coaches with the type of knowledge that may help them to coach and improve the sport performance and potential of their teams and individual athletes.

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